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Hello, I’m Jan, and I've been an animal lover all my life.

I currently own five lovely Spaniels who have dragged me, sometimes literally, through several canine pursuits.  We've tried our paws at agility, flyball, scent work, gundog and even ventured into the show world and Crufts with our handsome clumber boy Stiegl.

After being made redundant in Spring 2019, I decided on a career change and joined Dog First Aid Ltd as a franchisee for Cambridgeshire, and since then have completed a microchipping course with Peddymark, followed by setting up The Paw-works.


I then trained in Ultrasound  through VIS and joined the Animal Ultrasound Association.

In 2022 I trained in Canine Ovulation Cytology and now offer this as a service.

Microchip Certificate.jpg
Ultrasound Certificate.jpg

Pet Ultra-sound and small mammal microchipping

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