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Whether you are interested in the health and wellbeing of your pet, would like to learn canine first aid or interested in breeding The Paw-works has something for you.

The Paw-works online shop stocks quality natural products and treatments, form companies such as Dorwest, Herbal Dog Co and Natures Great Secret aimed at the health and wellbeing of your pet from shampoos to natural flea and worming treatments and our super own brand pet first aid kits. You'll also find a great selection of breeding supplies such as feeding sets, whelping kits and kittening kits.

In our Virtual Classroom@The paw-works you can learn Canine First Aid (also available as live classes in East Anglia), we have a super online CPD course in our classroom (complete the course to get a discount of our first aid kits). For breeders we are also planning a number of breeding courses, “The foundations of canine breeding” is the next course due for release. Why not join our classroom affiliate scheme, make money selling our courses, or buy our Ready Steady courses in bulk for your puppy and kitten buyers as part of their pack. Contact us for more details.

Home visit breeding services, including Canine Ovarian Cytology, Pregnancy Ultrasound and Microchipping are available within 25 miles of Newmarket, we offer Ovarian ovulation cytology, pregnancy ultrasound scanning and small mammal microchipping

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Pet Ultra-sound and small mammal microchipping

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